Nuno Anselmo

Software Engineer @ Jungle

  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Portuguese (Native), English (C2)

Hello! I'm Nuno, a Software & DevOps Engineer, currently working at Jungle. I have a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering, specializing in IT Systems and CyberSecurity, with a thesis on the development of a scalable epidemic probabilistic total order algorithm resilient to Byzantine faults, a fancy way of saying "efficient consensus in large networks despite evil users".


What do I actually do?


I have worked the most with Python, C, C++, and PHP: have developed multiple projects (and lots of "scripts") in Python, worked on a large C++ project, and developed websites and APIs with PHP (with and without frameworks).

I have however also worked with quite a wide range of other languages, although I consider myself less proficient. I'm learning Go, and have an interest in Rust!


I have years of experience maintaining servers running Debian, including webservers, databases, distributed (and not) filesystems, and a plethora of other services.

More recently, I've been into the hard-DevOps side of things, working on containerisation, automated environment deployment and configuration, CI/CD, and other neat things.


A short tour through my life

  • Founded Felhound Hosting

    August 2013

    A one-man project, focused on delivering specialized hosting solutions for individual or small groups of gamers.
  • BSc in Computer Science and Engineering

    September 2014 - July 2017

    Studying in Instituto Superior T├ęcnico, IST for short, in Lisbon. Finished with aggregate grade of 17, equivalent to the top 1.04%.

  • SystemsGroup

    November 2014 - November 2019

    A Junior Enterprise comprised solely of students that seek to strengthen its members' skills, complementing the strong academic (but mostly theoretical) training they're receiving.
  • Achieved C2 in English (CPE)

    February 2015

    Completed and obtained my Certificate of Proficiency in English, issued by Cambridge ESOL, certifying C2 level in the CEFRL.
  • Felhound Hosting was shutdown

    September 2016

    After over three years in operation, I no longer had the time required to keep it operational, and so all customers were phased out and operations were officially ceased.

  • Summer Internship

    July-September 2017

    Summer internship at Celfocus, a Vodafone Portugal and Novabase joint venture, researching and developing a prototype for automated environment deployment.

  • MSc in Computer Science and Engineering

    September 2017 - December 2020

    Specializing in IT Systems and Cybersecurity. Thesis in the area of distributed consensus and blockchains: "TBO: Total Byzantine Order - Scalable epidemic probabilistic total order resilient to Byzantine faults".

  • Teaching Assistant

    September 2018 - July 2019

    I was part of the faculty for Operating Systems in the 1st semester, and part of the faculty for Cloud Computing and Virtualization as well as Highly Dependable Systems in the 2nd semester.

  • Joined Jungle AI

    July 2020 - Current

    Joined Jungle, working on the Software Engineering and DevOps side of things, responsible for managing part of our infrastructure and working on developing software to handle data ingestion.


Some open-source projects I've worked on


C++ In Production

A hosting bot for the Warcraft III multiplayer game, developed over the years by a community of enthusiasts. Fork with the goal of adding features to support an upcoming project that seeks to revitalize the dying community.

Check it out


Python Competition

2-player pong, with ridiculous powerups and modifiers: developed for a one week programming competition against other students. Ended up in 2nd place.

Check it out


PHP & NodeJS University

A file-sharing platform, using end-to-end encryption. Supports folders, sharing, and works with little-to-no user awareness of the underlying functionality. Developed for a security course.

Check it out


Python University

A file synchronization program, with a server and a client, which automatically synchronizes a given folder placing the most up-to-date files on both server and client. Developed for a networking course.

Check it out


Some of my more personal interests

  • Gaming
  • Blockchain
  • Movies
  • Cooking
  • Music