Nuno Anselmo

Chief Technology Officer @ SystemsGroup - Junior Enterprise

  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Portuguese (Native), English (C2)

Hello! I'm Nuno, as you may have guessed, and I'm a Developer & SysAdmin. I have a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering, and am currently studying for an MSc, specializing in IT Systems and CyberSecurity, within the area of Computer Science and Engineering.


What am I actually skilled at?


I have worked with quite a wide range of programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, and less common languages like Lisp and Prolog.

Out of the above, I have worked the most in Python, C++ and PHP: have developed multiple projects (and lots of "scripts") in Python, worked on a large C++ project, and developed websites and APIs with PHP (with and without frameworks).


I have years of experience maintaining servers running Debian, including webservers, databases, distributed filesystems, and a plethora of other services.

More recently, I've been into (and working on) containerisation through Docker, environment configuration through Ansible, and distributed storage through GlusterFS, and deployed all of a company's services using these technologies.


A short tour through my life

  • Founded Felhound Hosting

    August 2013

    A one-man project, focused on delivering specialized hosting solutions for individual or small groups of gamers.
  • Started BSc in Computer Science and Engineering

    September 2014

    Studying in Instituto Superior T├ęcnico, IST for short, in Lisbon

  • Joined SystemsGroup

    November 2014

    A Junior Enterprise comprised solely of students that seek to strengthen its members' skills, complementing the strong academic (but mostly theoretical) training they're receiving.
  • Achieved C2 in English (CPE)

    February 2015

    Completed and obtained my Certificate of Proficiency in English, issued by Cambridge ESOL, certifying C2 level in the CEFRL.
  • Felhound Hosting was shutdown

    September 2016

    After over three years in operation, I no longer had the time required to keep it operational, and so all customers were phased out and operations were officially ceased.

  • Graduated from BSc in Computer Science and Engineering

    July 2017

    Finished with aggregate grade of 17, equivalent to the top 1.04%

  • Summer Internship

    July-September 2017

    Summer internship at Celfocus, a Vodafone Portugal and Novabase joint venture, researching and developing a prototype for automated environment deployment.

  • Started MSc in Computer Science and Engineering

    September 2017

    Specializing in IT Systems and Cybersecurity.


Some open-source projects I've worked on


C++ In Production

A hosting bot for the Warcraft III multiplayer game, developed over the years by a community of enthusiasts. Fork with the goal of adding features to support an upcoming project that seeks to revitalize the dying community.

Check it out


Python Competition

2-player pong, with ridiculous powerups and modifiers: developed for a one week programming competition against other students. Ended up in 2nd place.

Check it out


PHP & NodeJS University

A file-sharing platform, using end-to-end encryption. Supports folders, sharing, and works with little-to-no user awareness of the underlying functionality. Developed for a security course.

Check it out


Python University

A file synchronization program, with a server and a client, which automatically synchronizes a given folder placing the most up-to-date files on both server and client. Developed for a networking course.

Check it out


Some of my more personal interests

  • Gaming
  • Crypto
  • Movies
  • Cooking
  • Music